Mission Statement

The mission of HER is to empower the artistic community of Berlin through cross-cultural dialogue, collaboration, and production of art in a shared space.

HER aims to reinforce and develop various forms of traditional and non-traditional artistic production, collaboration, and communication. By bringing together contemporary artists from various countries and cultural backgrounds, we hope to forge significant relationships that will engage the local community and other arts communities within Germany and worldwide while simultaneously presenting provocative new trends in contemporary art to the public.


HER is a collection of work, exhibition, and multipurpose spaces that are designated specifically for the production and presentation of innovative artistic ideas from artists working in all forms of contemporary art. We aid in cultural production via our ateliers, available to local and international artists/collectives/project spaces in Berlin in an effort to promote cross-cultural dialogue, understanding, inclusion, and diversity.

HER not only provides tangible resources,community, and space for artists, but also provides an insight into contemporary art practices for the local community.

HER works to combat increasing rents and the effects of gentrification which have subsequently led to fewer studio, exhibition, and social spaces for artists.

The aim of HER nonprofit is to manifest a physical space which invites our local community to engage with global contemporary art culture. By providing ateliers for artists not only currently living and working in Berlin, but from other cities and countries, we enable cross cultural production for artists to create their work in a conducive and fruitful environment while we simultaneously invite the public to engage with these and other artists via our monthly programming. In addition to ateliers, we will also invite emerging art spaces/collectives/project spaces to apply for and develop exhibition spaces in our rooms which will feature innovative artworks from various artists, both local and international.

A main tenet of our mission is to engage the local community by providing events related to contemporary art. Examples of our intended programming include: a monthly open studio event, art-related workshops, social gatherings, artist talks & lectures, and art exhibitions free or of little cost to attend.

Programming Descriptions

HER is committed to engaging the local community of Berlin by providing a series of events that would foster dialogue in regards to contemporary art culture worldwide. The following is a list of the types of events we intend to offer, but by no means is it conclusive or a definition of the only such events we will provide.

Open Studio

Once a month, HER will open its doors to the public for an “open studio” event. This will be an opportunity for the community to engage the artists in their private workspaces, see what they are currently developing, and promote dialogue regarding the often opaque contemporary art world. The open studio event may also host more formal exhibitions, performances, or talks depending on the artists in studio or the exhibition spaces that are being rented at any given time. This event will be written into the contracts of each artist in studio as a requirement to rent from HER.


Artists will be invited to develop and present art related workshops aimed at all ages and skill levels. These could include topics such as fabrication, grant writing, professional practices, etc. These workshops will be free or of little cost to participants based on the production expenses. Costs will be kept as low as possible in an effort to offer educational services to as many people as possible.

Social Events

Social gatherings were historically and are currently an important part of the development of communities and subcultures. Through casual social events, we form relationships and generate ideas that create the culture around us. HER will not only function as a workplace for many artists, but a social space where individuals create and foster communities. Constructing this balanced ecosystem of work and play is crucial to our mission to create a fruitful cultural space.  

Artist Talks

Artists in studio and visiting artists will be invited to give presentations on their work as often as possible in an effort to illuminate the contemporary themes and practices to a greater public. We find this to be the most effective way to create dialogue around artists’ subjects.


Contemporary art exhibitions will be organized by HER within our own physical space and, ideally, throughout the city via collaborations with other spaces. These exhibitions will take many forms and experimentation will be encouraged.